At MIT’s future factory, no idea is too crazy

For some researchers at the outside-the-box brain trust, the future can be seen in a sprinkling of sensors and video game software.

CNET October 30, 2015
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At MIT’s future factory, no idea is too crazy

For researchers at the outside-the-box Media Lab brain trust, the future can be seen even through a sprinkling of sensors and video game software.
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Twitter investor Chris Sacca dives into TV’s ‘Shark Tank’ (Q&A)

The billionaire investor discusses what made him get into the water as a guest “Shark" on the reality show.
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Google’s mobile quest may lead to Android, Chrome merger

The tech giant melds its software for personal computers with its popular Android software for smartphones and tablets, according to a new report. The bottom line: Mobile has taken over.
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Amazon comedy series turns ‘Catastrophe’ into reality (Q&A)

From CNET Magazine: The real-life partnership of stars and creators Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan mimics the one they crafted on screen — minus a four-day sexual escapade.
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T-Mobile may let you stream video without gobbling up your data

The carrier reportedly plans to let users stream certain services like Netflix to their smartphones, free from any limits on data. If true, the move could be an expensive one for the company.
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South Korean telco proclaims it will be world’s first 5G network operator

SK Telecom opens a fifth-generation mobile network research facility in South Korea, where it claimed it would be the first operator of a 5G service.
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Snowden a ‘human rights defender,’ say European politicians

A vote in the European Parliament sees politicians agree that Edward Snowden should be given protection in Europe — but that doesn’t mean he will be.
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Discover the Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library

From TechRepublic:
Accelerate data analysis in your applications! Discover the Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL) – a highly optimized of to…

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Most horrifying aliens of cinema

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A house just for testing tech

A house filled with tech The CNET Smart Home is our living lab for testing out connected home tech. Here’s everything we’ve installed thus far.

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