What Are The Unique Features Of The Vertical Grinder?

Vertical Grinder

What Are The Unique Features Of The Vertical Grinder?

The Vertical Grinder by Festool is one of the best selling machines in the industry. A reliable, powerful, durable and long-lasting workhorse, the LSS 53 Vertical Grinder stands up to even the toughest heavy-duty jobs making it an excellent choice for rough and dirty industrial work. The lightweight, ergonomic and versatile two-piece construction with an aluminum air-powered fan and aluminum cylinder provides superb performance and reliability. The powerful ceramic-glass face eliminates slop and offers efficient dust control.

With a maximum capacity of 110 psi, the vertical grinder is able to provide enough torque and power for most applications. The smooth, continuous and accurate movements with the use of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses provide smooth, constant workmanship with less distortion of the product as well as better overall performance. With minimal chatter and minimal slop, the vertical grinder maintains accuracy and speed through its consistent contact and clamping force. The robust and heavy-duty construction and sealed box drum enable it to withstand the worst abrasive and even extreme conditions and come out looking sharper and better than ever.

The vertical grinder features a cutting disc with precision diamond blade and a lightweight aluminum frame. The face grinders are available in two styles, either the flat top or the round nose design. The round face has greater surface area and offers higher performance and can be used for grinding softer and finer material than the flat top. The round nose design allows for the use of interchangeable grinding disks and is easier to work with and repair. The vertical grinder also comes with variable settings that allow users to set a more coarse or fine work piece depth and work in a variety of rotary speed from slow to fast.

Another unique feature of the vertical grinder is its adjustable clamping force. A user can adjust the clamping force according to the workpiece diameter and angle of movement. A higher amount of clamping force will result in a tighter grip on the workpiece and will minimize the amount of chatter. This will reduce the level of material lost from the contact with the workpiece and allow for a tighter, more accurate fit every time.

Like its counter rotating sibling, the angle grinder has an adjustable face grind. These units are designed specifically for counter-rotating action. In order to use the angle grinder effectively, you must provide it with an adequate counter rotation angle. These units are designed to operate efficiently on hard materials with lesser levels of chatter. They are commonly used in applications requiring abrasive wheels such as in the production of counter top knives and in the finest diamond abrasives. The chipping pattern generated by these units is ideal for scoring metal.

Compared to other vertical grinder units, the chuck angle grinder features a dual-action chuck. This design allows for greater fluid flow and improved accuracy in its cutting. The dual action of the chuck helps maintain a constant and even chopping speed and provides users with a consistent level of bite and control. The vertical grinder functions similarly to a drill press in that it requires users to stand up and clamber up into place. The adjustable chuck angle increases versatility and makes it possible to cut hard materials with less distortion.